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Finn: RNC Special Meeting Shows Hope

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When I read that RNC member Gary Emineth, the North Dakota GOP Chairman, organized a coalition to demand an unprecedented “special” RNC meeting before the RNC Chairman’s election, I had my usual reaction: “Another meeting?…ugh…what a waste.”

On campaign after campaign, I’ve bemoaned the fact that too much time, out of a typical 14-hour workday, goes to useless time-wasters.  No, I’m not referring to staffers who surf the Web, look at their friend’s pics on Facebook, or play practical jokes on the guy or gal in the next cube over.  Those serve an important purpose compared to the biggest, most useless, waste of time on most campaigns: the never-ending, often unfocused meetings where little, if anything gets accomplished, except teeth grinding, nail chewing and overeating.

Thus, I’ve come to hate the word “meeting.”  “Let’s get together on,” or “rendezvous about” or “discuss over coffee,” are preferable.  Meeting sounds so official, institutional, excessive.

But then I read on, and opened my mind…and sipped some coffee.

This special RNC meeting, which RNC Chairman Mike Duncan has now called, has made an impact even before being held.  It has traveled a road that most other meetings never dare travel.  RNC members have successfully coalesced around an idea, a plan, and quickly put it into action.  They have been pro-active.  They have shown leadership.  They have provided much hope for the future of the Party.  They have already taken a step towards accomplishing their goal — a more open forum for major party decisions.

Just as important, the RNC members have built on the ideas of others, even more low-down in the totem pole of official Party power: grassoots organizations outside the official Party heirarchy.  Since Election Day, several organizations, old and new, have pushed and prodded open the RNC Chairman’s race.