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Back From The Holiday

Sorry for the lapse in coverage, but keep checking back for more updates between now and the chairman election


Help Wanted: Compare The Plans

If anyone has time to read through all the plans and come up with a summary for each and how they differ from each other I think that would be a huge service. We can make it a page on the site


I have created a bunch of great aggregators on the side of the page for everyone to follow. First you have links to the candidates, blogs following the race and republican organizations. Next is a Flickr feed for the tag “rncchair” right now only Saul’s people have tagged their photos with “rncchair” but if you put any photos online about the race please add a “rncchair” tag and it will be included in the feed. Below that is a list of videos from the campaign that I have found so far. Last, you have the twitter feed for anything with the “#rncchair” tag.

If you see anything missing from the links or the video tags please email me at mark (at)