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National Black Republican Association on the Saltsman Controversy

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National Black Republican Association
December 28, 2008

By Frances Rice

Click here to listen to: “Barack the ‘Magic Negro’ (That’s What the LA Times Called Him)”

If it were not so hypocritical, it would be comical how Democrats and their media allies have created a media firestorm over a parody on racism in the Democratic Party. The Democrats’ display of rank hypocrisy on race is a familiar scenario. First, Democrats exhibit vile racism. Then, any Republican who points out the Democrats’ display of vile racism is attacked by Democrats as being racist.

The current target of this Democratic Party racial jujitsu is RNC chairman candidate Chip Saltsman. So, what did Saltsman do to warrant being called a racist? Well, he dared to distribute a music CD with a parody about the fact that black Democrat David Ehrenstein called Sen. Barack Obama a “Magic Negro” in an article published by the left-wing, Democrat-controlled “Los Angeles Times.” Huh?

None of the people now trashing Saltsman uttered one peep of protest when the article entitled “Obama the Magic Negro” was first published in the “Los Angeles Times” on March 19, 2007 with the subtitle: “The Illinois senator lends himself to white America’s idealized, less-than-real black man.” Below is the link to that article.,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Sadly, some high-profile Republicans who should know better have joined the Democrats and the mainstream news media in their Republican bashing frenzy.

Lost in the media uproar is the fact that the parody has been broadcast several times on the radio, and the satirical content understood by the more than 20 million listeners of the popular Rush Limbaugh Show. One is left to wonder if the critics have even listened to the parody.

Where was all this outrage over racism when the Democrats used despicable racial stereotypes (just as Democrats did during the days of slavery and Jim Crow) to slur black professionals, such as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele?

Brazenly, on the left-wing Internet website called “The News Blog,” Democrats posted a doctored photograph of Steele, depicting him as a “Simple Sambo.”

Cartoonist Jeff Danziger depicted Rice as an ignorant, barefoot “mammy,” reminiscent of the stereotyped black woman in the movie Gone with the Wind who remarked: “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies.” Black comedian Harry Belafonte and Rev. Al Sharpton publicly denounced Powell as a “House Negro.” NAACP Chairman Julian Bond equated the Republican Party with the Nazi Party and called Rice and Powell “tokens.”

The liberal media showed not a hint of concern about racial insensitivity when Obama campaigned for white Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin and against Michael Steele during the 2006 Maryland senate race, not long after Obama issued a letter of support for the re-election of white Democrat and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd.

Not one word of angst was uttered by the liberal press when a black Democrat pundit on national television called black Democrat Juan Williams a “Happy Negro.” What offense did Williams commit that resulted in such a vicious racial slur? He had the temerity to defy the Democratic Party’s “thought police” and wrote a book called “Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-end Movements and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America.” His book exposes how the failed socialist polices of the Democrats who have been running black communities for the past 40 years have turned those communities into economic and social wastelands.

As author Michael Scheuer stated, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism. Visit the website on the Internet to see the racist cartoons of Rice and Steele and the details about the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism.

The time is long overdue for Republicans to stop cowering over the issue of race. Republicans should cease attacking fellow Republicans for telling the truth about Democrats, recapture the Republican Party’s rich civil rights legacy, and shed the light of truth on the failed socialism and racism in the Democratic Party – past and present.

Frances Rice is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, a lawyer and chairman of the National Black Republican Association. She can be contacted at

Note: Two of the leading RNC chairman candidates are black Republicans Ken Blackwell whose website is Michael Steele whose website is


Villere Posts New Video for Blackwell

Correction: Roger Villere sent this video around to RNC members. Villere is a Blackwell supporting RNC member from LA.

The day is approaching to give it your best 
You’ve got to reach your prime! 
That’s when you need to put yourself to the test 
And show us the passage of time. 
We’re gonna need a montage. (Montage) 
A sports-training montage! (Montage) 

And just show a lot of things happenin’ at once. 
Remind everyone of what’s goin’ on. (What’s goin’ on?) 
And with every shot, show a little improvement 
To show it won’t take too long. 
That’s called a montage. (Montage) 
Even Rocky had a montage! (Montage) 

In any sport, if you want to go 
From just a beginner to a pro 
You’ll need a montage. (Montage) 
A simple little montage! (Montage) 

Always fade out (Montage) into a montage… (Montage) 
If you fade out it seems like a long time (Montage) has passed in a montage… (Montage) 
Montage… (Montage)

Benkiser on Washington Times Insider Radio

You can listen to it here. I am working on some client proposals on the moment so don’t have time to listen to it so if any readers want to post their thoughts in the comments I’d appreciate it.

Bruce Ash: Undecided but friendly words for Blackwell

AZ RNC Member Bruce Ash has a blog and posted his thoughts on Ken Blackwell getting into the race. With how few voters there are in this election, I am hoping to feature individual members and their thoughts as each voter represent 0.6% of the electorate. 

From Bruce’s letter:

I have met and spoken with Mr Blackwell in depth about his political views. I have found Ken to be devoted and consistent conservative. He has held a number of political positions in Ohio winning 13 of 17 contests. He has demonstrated a keen ability to raise money. He is a friend of the taxpayer , pro 2nd Amendment and opposes same sex marriage and abortion. In addition to his political activism he has also been a proven success in the business world.

Bruce Ash’s website is here.

The blog post on Ash’s thought came from PoliticalMafioso.

Politico on Blackwell?

One interesting point on the Politico article that certain of the pro-Blackwell people have been pushing is that the article seems to deal fairly positively with each candidate and then talks about Blackwell’s campaign “lagged behind others” and “had not caught fire.”

Now the Politico is not exactly the most GOP friendly publication, but I feel like there were a few key points they should mention

  • Fiscal conservative leaders backing Blackwell (Pat Toomey, Steve Forbes)
  • Key social conservative support from TX delegation 
  • Actual committee member endorsements which are the ones that count

That’s not to say everything is great for Blackwell, committee members I have talked to worry about his huge 24pt loss for Governor. They wonder if we really want to pick someone as chair who had one of the worst GOP showings in recent memory. However, he has run a strong campaign for chair and picked up key conservative support. As much as the blogosphere talks about tech as the key to the race I think committe members could careless. They have three major concerns: competency, ideology, and geography. 

What say you readers? Post your thoughts in the comments.

Marc Ambinder: Shakeup in the Race

A must read on the Blackwell-Benkiser alliance and the social conservative centric ticket.

A Shakeup In The RNC Chairman’s Race

17 Dec 2008 08:21 am

The decision of Texas Republican Party chair Tina Benkiser and former Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell to formally ally in the race to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee is, by rights, a minor affair, but it has to the potential to be the most important development yet.

“Recognized as a national conservative leader with an amazing record of accomplishment, Ken Blackwell is a dedicated servant-leader,” Benkiser wrote in a letter to RNC members.  “Whether it is leading the charge on issues or successfully running an effective organization, Ken is what our Party needs at this time. He will establish a clear distinction between the Republican Party and our opposition.”

Most significantly, this union gives evangelical Christians on the national committee a single ticket to join. Combined, the Blackwell-Benkiser ticket commands the support of at least 20 to 25 members, and probably closer to 30 of them.  About 40% of the 168 members on the committee are estimated to be hard core social conservatives. Support from 85 members is needed to win. Parochially, the alliance gives Blackwell an entree into the Texas delegation. More importantly, Benkiser gives him some administrative cover, because she, not he, has run a party organization before. But now that there’s a ticket so solidly identified with the Christian right, there will be many Republicans who, while not wishing them ill, worry about a party that is too overtly Christian and religious.  The ticket, therefore, opens up an avenue for candidates who don’t claim to be the avatars of evangelical activists. To be sure, the next RNC chairman will be opposed to gay marraige and pro-life.

Candidate Chip Saltsman, who has been courting, above all, Southern Christian conservatives, will probably lose support.

The frontrunner, current chairman Mike Duncan, is now in a bit of quandary. On January 5, the conservative steering committee of the party meets to interview the candidates. Duncan encouraged this committee to form, and intended to rely on the then-relatively even distribution of social conservatives to thread the needle between the right and the center-right.  The day before the meeting, all of the candidates will debate, in public, at the National Press Club.

Blackwell Adds Two More Endorsements

Ross Little (LA) and Ruth Ulrich (LA) have both today announced their endorsement of Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair. This is another pair of announced supporters for the Blackwell team that has been adding endorsements left and right.  It seems the rest of the candidates are keeping their cards much closer to the vest. What say you readers? (List of public endorsements)