Steele Stumbling?

The politico article today interviewed consultants who felt that the Steele campaign is currently stumbling since his star power has been unable to gain the top dog position.  He is being squeezed by Saul Anuzis’s strength in the North East and Mid-Atlantic while at the sametime Ken Blackwell has been squeezing him on the conservative balance with Steele’s previous involvement in the Republican Leadership Council a moderate organization.

The question is how much does this type of chatter even matter? Blackwell has had a great press week but does that truly help him with the 180 people who can actually vote in this election and does all the challengers in the race help Duncan who already has pre-existing relationships with the RNC members who will be voting.

I have been surprised by how much attention this blog has gotten already and how many of the campaigns have put me on their press list and the two campaigns I have heard nothing from are the Saltsman campaign and the Duncan campaign.  Convention elections are a different beast as I learned from my involvement in the 2005 College Republican National Committee race where all the press was great for Davidson but at the end of the day the power of the insider Gourley campaign was more than they could overcome. So maybe all this talk about stumbling Steele is just hot air… or maybe it is something. What say you readers?


4 responses to “Steele Stumbling?

  1. Michael Steele is a front-runner for the RNC Chair and has the highest national profile, thus the conjectures and attacks.

    However, Mr. Steele has consistently focused on his positive message and blueprint for our Party. It’s this message that has excited and energized many of the RNC members and will be seen when they cast their ballots in January.

  2. Ted, welcome to the blog. What makes you say Steele is the front runner? Even against Duncan and his strong connections to the voters?

  3. I said he is “a” front-runner. Personally, I think it will come down to Duncan and Steele.

  4. Certainly a strong possibility

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