Saul Answers Red State Questions

Saul Anuzis has just filled out the RedState questionaire. You can read it here.



  • Saul believes chairman of the out of power GOP must be: strong communicator, effective fundraiser, partner to state parties, leader in new media, conscientous manager and administrator
  • We must compete in all fifty states
  • That he is willing to take on those staff / consultant class that does not work
    • “Where people and programs are the best in their field, I will be wise enough to retain them. Where improvements can be made, I will not be shy about making changes. We must seek the best people and best companies to work for and with the RNC. We must always be mindful of our fiduciary responsibilities and make sure every dollar spent on staff, vendors, programs, and products is maximized. And I will demand that staff and vendors understand that they work for the committee and not the other way around.”
  • “To create and RNC Policy Task Force. We will revive the Policy Task Force model, integrating Party leadership from the House, Senate, Republican Governor’s Association, Republican State Leadership Committee, conservative think tanks, and the best minds in our party in Washington and around the country.”

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