Politico on Blackwell?

One interesting point on the Politico article that certain of the pro-Blackwell people have been pushing is that the article seems to deal fairly positively with each candidate and then talks about Blackwell’s campaign “lagged behind others” and “had not caught fire.”

Now the Politico is not exactly the most GOP friendly publication, but I feel like there were a few key points they should mention

  • Fiscal conservative leaders backing Blackwell (Pat Toomey, Steve Forbes)
  • Key social conservative support from TX delegation 
  • Actual committee member endorsements which are the ones that count

That’s not to say everything is great for Blackwell, committee members I have talked to worry about his huge 24pt loss for Governor. They wonder if we really want to pick someone as chair who had one of the worst GOP showings in recent memory. However, he has run a strong campaign for chair and picked up key conservative support. As much as the blogosphere talks about tech as the key to the race I think committe members could careless. They have three major concerns: competency, ideology, and geography. 

What say you readers? Post your thoughts in the comments.


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